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Have a new cocktail you are launching, a band playing tonight, or a regular happy hour you want to get more customers in for? The ENGIN App connects you to those customers who are nearby “right now” and who have already told us they’re ready for some fun. With the ENGIN App they’ll receive a push notification direct to their smartphone alerting them to the good times they’re just around the corner from. That’ll be you.

The ENGIN platform can help you drive nearby customers through your doors during those quiet times. Get creative with an offer or event and then promote it to those customers who are not only nearby, but are also hungry, like your style, and are interested to hear from you.



The ENGIN platform is here to help you sell-out your Pop-Up. With ENGIN your business is getting through to customers who are both nearby and interested in you.

New event?  Old event?  Regular event?  The ENGIN platform is designed to help people discover all the fun, interesting and educational things going on nearby - so register your event and let people nearby know what’s going on.  Extra tickets for this evening's performance?  Let interested people nearby know. Campaigns can be distance, time or volume limited.



New comedy act performing this evening?  New dates announced for that big show?  Private event for locals only? Let them know now - or closer to time through private, opt-in notifications.  

Old stock to shift or a new product line in to promote? The ENGIN platform gives you that immediate access to customers nearby, who are waiting to hear from you.


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